Bell Tent Poles

Bell Tent Poles

Lovers of rustic wood and roundwood have always admired our poles for The Igloo so we thought why not use them for Bell Tents. Obviously they are a lot bulkier and heavier than the standard sectional aluminium poles. But if you are using your Bell Tent for a more permanent installation such as a glamping site or festival boutique camping and you appreciate the curve of a coppiced chestnut pole over a straight aluminium pole then please get in touch.

Traditional Coppiced Chestnut

We use coppiced Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa)  for the poles. Sweet Chestnut has high levels of tannins and little sapwood which makes it very resistant to rotting. Unfortunately there are no commercial chestnut coppices in Cornwall so we use CGW Chestnut  in Midhurst, West Sussex. CGW manage their woodlands in a very sustainable way and use traditional coppicing methods. All their chestnut products are FSC certified.

Another benefit of using roundwood poles is the reduced use of power tools. We use traditional hand tools such as drawknives, chisels and hollow augers to transform the poles from their raw state to the finished piece. The only power tools we use is the amazing Power Tenon Maker for the collar and a sander.  Achieving the final finish is quite a lengthy process but we think it is worth it. Once they have been debarked, knots smoothed, sanded and the collar cut, each pole has 4 coats of 50/50 Genuine Turps and Raw Linseed Oil. When the oil has soaked in they have a final coat of matt yacht varnish. The top collar is made of aluminium tubing with a stainless steel pin. For Bell tents that have a sealed top pocket for the pole we round off the end to ensure it sits nice and snug with no sharp edges to damage the canvas.

If you are thinking of giving your fleet of Bell Tents an overhaul and you would like to order multiple units it is best to contact us sooner rather than later.  Each pole is made by hand and we try source the raw poles a year in advance.

If you live local to us in Cornwall you are welcome to pick up or we can deliver for free within a 20 mile radius. For enquiries further afield we use a vey reasonable local courier company. Please contact us for more details.