Bike Lights 2016

On Saturday 15th October Wadebridge hosted the wonderful little Bikelights Festival again. It is the second year we have been involved, providing our stretch tent along with Duwayne and Elise from Jabula Tents.

This year was the busiest so far with nearly 600 bikes taking part in the night parade. It really is a sight to see! The weather was looking a bit dodgy to say the least around lunchtime but luckily everyone was sheltering in the tents getting their bikes ready for the evening parade. About 4:00 o’clock the rain stopped and the clouds parted and the evening was clear and dry with a full moon to add to the light display.

There was plenty to keep everyone entertained during the evening. I was particularly impressed with the bike stunt display by Think Bikes from London, the cinema tent was showing the classic (and cheesy!) film BMX Bandits and there was some lovely food on offer from Woody’s Pizza, The Noodle Guy and the Shellfish Pig. There was also a little outfit called The Pedal Emporium who were making smoothies with pedal power and getting the kids to make some great bike powered paintings.

The highlight of the festival is always the parade of bikes and seeing all the wonderful creations by the artists. There were a couple of stand out creations from Laura Martin and Reg Payne, check out the photos below and also check out the Facebook page for Bikelights.

After the parade there was a DJ spinning some tunes in the tents and the Friday Funk Social Club were incredible! It’s a shame a lot of people seemed to disappear after the parade because the band was definitely worth staying for.

The Bike Lights Festival was supported by Wadebridge Creative Hub and wouldn’t have been possible without the enthusiastic support of the community of Wadebridge and the many volunteers, marshalls and behind the scenes heroes, in particular Leonie McGregor and Mark Sutton.