Canvas Festival Pod

Well, winter has definitely arrived here in deepest Kernow. Rain is lashing the window, the nights have drawn in and the fire is a welcome friend in our house! Its at this time of year when  we start to think about next season.

Festival Pod

There are a few new projects going on in Igloo HQ at the moment, first up is the Festival Pod. When we set up Igloo Structures in 2012 one of  our goals was to create a unique canvas space that was adaptable enough to be used for weddings, private parties, corporate events and festivals. We soon realised we needed 2 totally different sets of decor and styles. The Igloo is our wedding and private party venue that comes fully furnished with tables, benches, bunting and low powered L.E.D lighting. We also have floor cushions, bean bags and rugs to make it a cosy snug.

Due to the unpredictable weather conditions the British festival scene has to deal with we decided The Igloo tent needed a few modifications to make it appealing and practical for festival use. So –  new for 2015 is The Festival Pod.

The Festival Pod uses our tried and tested Igloo canvas. Instead of  using our range of wooden furniture we will be using our brand new fitted PVC ground sheet (guaranteed to keep bums dry!) and cover the whole floor area with rugs and carpet, depending on the weather conditions for the event. Several low tables dotted around the space provides somewhere to put drinks etc.. and solar powered lanterns and string lights add to the atmosphere at night.

The Festival Pod by Igloo Structures

For events that require something a little special we can provide our unique custom made power box. The power box is a hollow wooden table/box that sits in the centre of the tent. Inside the box are 2 deep cycle batteries, a digital amplifier and 4 speakers providing up to 8 hours of laidback grooves from an Ipod. For a little taster of one of our playlists have a listen to our Soundcloud mix. We tend to approach our music selection for the playlists a little too seriously. Think feel good tunes from the golden era of disco, funk and soul mixed up with a bit of reggae, ska, old skool hip hop, downtempo house and some acoustic numbers thrown and that will give you an idea of what to expect.  The power box is sealed from prying hands so the volume and music cannot be changed.

When hooked up to the solar panels we can keep the tunes going all weekend without the need to connect to the mains. This means the Festival Pod can be sited anywhere on site without the need for power.

Festival Pod Components