The Festival Pod

Unique festival structure by Igloo Structures

Our  bespoke canvas structure is perfect for providing a sheltered, relaxing and cosy focal point at an event or festival,  ideal for watching the world go by and taking the weight off your feet. Measuring approx 9 metres in diameter The Festival Pod can easily provide shelter for 40/50 people.

A fully enclosed tamper proof wooden drum table in the centre of the tent houses 2 deep cycle batteries connected to a solar panel.The batteries power a digital amp, 4 speakers and an Ipod loaded with pre-programmed playlists covering a range of laidback, funky tunes, from soul and funk to acoustic and reggae. For a little sample of a typical playlist have a look at our Soundcloud page.

The combination of heavy duty deep cycle batteries and highly efficient solar panels means we can provide a lot of power. Our custom built 12 volt P.A consists of very efficient T-Class amps and purpose built speaker cabinets. Even on a cloudy day the Festival Pod can provide up to 12 hours of low level ambient music. The central table is completely enclosed so none of the music equipment is accessible, nothing can be fiddled with and the volume cannot be turned up. The top is waterproof so drinks can be placed without fear of spillage and the speakers themselves are protected by a wire mesh.

Matting and rugs cover the floor, with bunting and drapes hanging from the tent interior and at night low powered L.E.D lanterns add to the atmosphere. If you require something a little more luxurious we can furnish The Festival Pod with the same wooden tables, benches and decor that we use for The Igloo, please enquire for details and a quote.

The Festival Pod can be used on it’s own or as an extra covered area for a bar or cafe. If you run an area at a festival and you are interested in hiring The Festival Pod please get in touch.