Mobile Cocktail Lounge

Igloo Structures alternative marquee hire

Cocktail BarOne of the great things about The Igloo is it’s adaptable nature as a venue. Looking back over the events so far, The Igloo has been used as a chill out lounge, childrens workshop tent, storytelling tent, wedding reception area and a mobile cocktail lounge.

Rustic wooden bar

The cocktail lounge is definitely good fun for The Igloo Crew. It gives us a chance to get all the sparkly lights out, dust down the leopard print cushions, go through all our old disco, funk, jazz and swing and have a damn good boogie. And now with our new revamped solar powered P.A we can do it all on 12 volt batteries. So if you have a special place in mind and don’t want the rumble of a generator  we can put The Igloo up anywhere you like (as long as we can carry all the kit there). Or if you like the idea of an eco friendly party then The Igloo can do the job.

DJ and P.A?

If you want your own music or DJ, no problem, we can leave the P.A set up and ready to play. Or you can leave it all to us. We can pretty much cover any music genre but to give you an idea of what we like to play, have a listen to our Funky Soul Playlist in the sidebar or if you’ve got a spare 30 mins, pour yourself a glass of wine and check out some more vibes here.