Reclaimed Bench Seating

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Back in February Cornwall was hit by some worst weather seen in a long time. The coast was pounded by some of the heaviest surf ever seen causing much damage to buildings and cliffs. We also had some very strong winds damaging the oldest and weakest of trees. In a local garden i look after there were a total of 6 trees and several large branches that came down as a result of that storm.

Monterey Pine

The largest of these was a mature Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata) measuring approximately 100ft tall. It is always sad to see a tree of that size and age destroyed overnight but it is also a chance to for new plants to emerge and there is a lot of wood in a tree that size. This particular tree had a 5m knot free, straight section at the base of the trunk, which i calculated would make quite a few benches.

Big Machines

The first job was to get the top part of the tree cut up and removed. This was done with the help of Atlas Trees and their rather large chainsaws. Then we had to call in the big machines. Luckily Rufus from Rooster Wood has a big machine that can lift heavy loads and he took the trunk in two parts to Jo Sawmills who also has large machine for cutting up big trees. Apparently it is one of the largest in the county! After a couple of hours and huge mound of sawdust i was left with a very large stack of planks. All that was left was to wait a few months for it to season, the hardest part.

Reclaimed Bench Seating

At least that gave me a chance to design the final bench. I wanted a chunky, rustic style farmhouse bench that would flatpack for storage. With the help of a local joinery genius, George we came up with a design and set about converting the planks. We have now finalised the design and the prototype is assembled, sanded and oiled. There are just another 10 to finish. Our reclaimed benches are designed to seat approx 4 people with elbow room or 5 people shoulder to shoulder. They can be hired for weddings, private parties or weekend events. They can also be hired on their own or together with The Igloo Tent. Please enquire for details.

Reclaimed Bench Seating