Refurbished Rustic Benches

We have  been making the most of the recent bad weather and spent some time in the workshop. We have given our rustic benches their annual makeover. This entails taking the benches apart, sanding them down, giving them a fresh coat of linseed oil and then giving them a final coat of satin exterior yacht varnish. This should keep them looking fresh for another season. It always amazes me how coat of oil can transform them and bring out the grain.

Locally sourced

We try and source all of wood our as locally as possible, although this can be hard sometimes, living in the least wooded county in the UK. The larch for the benches comes from Devon. The wood we use to make our tent poles come from a little further. We prefer to use coppiced chestnut for the poles as they are just the right size to leave them in the round and when sanded and oiled they look lovely. Finding a commercial, sustainable chestnut coppice in the South West is virtually impossible! (if anyone knows of any please let me know.) so we have to source our chestnut from CGW Chestnut & Countryside Management in Sussex.