Regentex Canvas

Igloo Structures alternative marquee hire

Why use canvas?

When we first started looking into making our tents we knew we had to use canvas. Anyone that has spent any time under canvas as opposed to nylon will know why. There is something comforting about canvas, a solid reassurance that the fabric will not let you down. A feeling i don’t always get with modern nylon. In the case of canvas vs nylon, lighter doesn’t necessarily mean better! Although canvas is heavier, it is stronger and that added weight means you don’t get the annoying flapping sound when the wind gets up.

Another added benefit is the breathability. Canvas had the ability to regulate moisture levels whether that is from damp clothes or condensation from several heavy sleepers, the air inside a canvas tent will always feel comfortable and dry.


Fortunately modern fabric manufacturers have improved the traditional cotton canvas and developed a new fabric called Regentex. Regentex is a Polyester and Cotton blended fabric which has been exclusively woven and developed for J.T. Inglis.  The cotton content ensures breathability while the polyester gives the fabric its strength. It is flame retardant and impregnated with anti-rot and waterproofing agents. We believe it is the best fabric on the market for canvas structures such as tents and marquess which is why we use it. As well as being incredibly strong, durable, fire retardant and resistant to rot and mildew it is also available in a variety of beautiful colours. Regentex is so good it is the fabric of choice for the M.O.D for their temporary field structures.

Regentex colour range