Stretch Tents Cornwall

We are very pleased to now be able to offer a Stretch Tent to our rental fleet of tents in Cornwall. Stretch Tents have taken the event industry by storm in the last few years. Their unique ability to cover awkward spaces, uneven ground and attach to buildings and other structures makes them an affordable alternative to a traditional pole marquee. If you want your event to stand out and give it the WOW factor, the stretch tent is the answer.


History of the Stretch Tent

The modern Stretch Tent was first developed in South Africa in 2000. The design and manufacture took inspiration from the traditional Bedouin tents of the Arabian deserts. If you look at the image below of a traditional Berber tent you can see the similarities.

Stretch Tents CornwallThe modern stretch tent has come a long way since the early days. Several companies based in Cape Town, South Africa have led the way in research and development of the materials used today . The  stretch tent material has evolved into a high tech stretch material, with fabric memory, fire resistance and fully waterproof. Our Stretch Tent has been manufactured by Tentickle, one of the companies in South Africa that have led the way in the development of the modern Stretch Tent and have been in the industry for over 12 years.

What makes the Stretch Tent unique is a combination of the stretch material and the way it is erected. Initially the tent is layed out and the corners pegged down. Then the poles are inserted from underneath pushing the fabric up. The poles can be placed anywhere and different lengths of poles can be used to achieve the desired space. This means the tent is very adaptable and the layout can be altered depending on the type of event and the weather conditions. If the weather is calm and sunny the sides can be placed on tall poles, if more shelter is needed the sides can be pegged right to the ground. If there is a tree right in the way of the entrance, the poles can be placed to one side. For some visual inspiration check our gallery on Pinterest.

Stretch Tents Cornwall

Our Stretch Tent is 10 x 10m and has a capacity of approx 50/60 people seated or 100 standing/dancing. We prefer a simple set up like the style in the gallery below. It creates the maximum internal space with 2 sides down giving shelter from wind and rain. If the weather is nice and hot the sides can be raised. We also like this set up as it looks like an original Bedouin Tent.

For weddings and pop up dining events we have rustic bench seating and chunky trestle banquet tables to seat approx 50. We also have our custom made wooden cocktail bar and a P.A creating a unique event space for a private party. For larger events our Igloo Tent also fits snugly on the side creating a self contained chillout space in addition to the main tent.

We are very flexible and our spaces can be adapted to suit your event. For more details and prices please email [email protected] or fill in our contact form.