Guaranteed sunshine!

Igloo Structures alternative marquee hire

Guaranteed sunshine insuranceLucky for us, we have now had glorious sunshine for the last 6 events of the season so far. This means we now qualify for the guaranteed sunshine programme run by the Association. of Random. Sunny. Events. This is a voluntary scheme which guarantees sun for an outdoor event. Unfortunately for organisers in England there are a few clauses.  This is known in the industry as Section 7, Clause 4.25, which states that : “The organisers can, in most cases guarantee unbroken sunshine for the duration of the event, as long as there is an ‘R’ in the month , and the event is in the 3rd phase of the lunar cycle with all the chakras aligned. If for some strange reason the chakras are slightly out of line then it will probably hammer it down and best bring wellies and a rain mac”

So there you have it, in black and white. As a proud member of the Association. of Random. Sunny. Events. we can now guarantee if you hire The Igloo for your event you will have unbroken sunshine (subject to clause 4.25, Section 7). 

To celebrate this we would like to share this song, which has become the unofficial anthem for all members of A.R.S.E. Turn it up loud, put your sunny’s on and dream of a rain free summer……………..