Top 5 Temporary Event Structures

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Temporary Event Structures

Once upon a time you might have called a temporary event structure a tent. Fortunately, in recent times many  creative individuals have pushed the boundaries of event structures and the term ‘tents’ no longer does them justice. A good friend of mine always likes to put things into a Top 5, literally everything….music, paintings, cheese, shoes, you name it he has a Top 5. He recently gave me the challenge of creating a Top 5 of temporary event structures. I’m always up for a challenge and…… well the results can be found below. The conclusion i came to was….. the top 5 just isn’t enough!

For each of the entries there are more details and images if you click on the link, which i would definitely recommend as just one photo isn’t enough. If you have some time to spare and you are looking for some visual inspiration check out our Pinterest page.

Number 5 – The Burnham Pavillion (Zaha Hadid Architects)

A temporary pavillion erected in Chicago's Millenium Park, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects

A temporary pavillion erected in Chicago’s Millenium Park, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects

Number 4 – Ark of Bamboo (Japan)

Number 4 - Temporary Event Structures

This  structure is made entirely out of bamboo and stretch fabric and is used as a meeting place by the community of Motoyoshi-cho in Japan.

Number 3 – Lightning in a Bottle (The Do Lab)

Number 3 - Temporary Event Structure

A fabric and wooden structure was created by The Do Lab for the Coachella Festival as a chill out space and a shelter from the sun

Number 2 – Zootopia (Burning Man)

Number 2 - Temporary Event Structure

These futuristic pods called Zonotopia from Burning Man Festival seem to be made out of Plywood, chill out spaces open to the elements that look amazing!

Number 1 – Gypset Event Architecture

Number 1 - Temporary Event Architecture

These bamboo and fabric shades provide a dramatic focal point as well as a unique light. Created by the amazingly creative team at Gypset in Los Angeles.