After a busy season hiring out our tents (and we still have 2 weekends to go) we have decided that The Igloo Tent needs a stage of its own to shine. So we have now given The Igloo Tent a whole website of its own. It can be found over at www.theiglootent.co.uk (it took us a while to think up the name).

#theiglootentWe have been working with the designers on a new look for the website and are very pleased with the results. We have also got some long awaited digital illustrations of the tent. A common reaction we get from clients is “the website doesn’t do it justice” We realised the atmosphere of The Igloo Tent is hard to portray in a website and it was getting lost in too many details and photos. So we have stripped it all back, only chosen photos that need to be there and hopefully answered all the questions potential clients need to know.


Please have a look and let us know what you think…. and we are also jumping on the hash tag band wagon, so remember #theiglootent ……………… apparently it matters!