Tips for Planning a Fun Wedding Reception

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Organising a wedding reception can be quite complex. There are many things to be considered and the planning needs to be done minutely so that everything runs smoothly on the big day. This eye to detail and creativity are the key to a great wedding. The team at The Wedding Secret  have come up with a few tips to help you along with planning for your reception.

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Organise a treasure hunt
By keeping the guests engaged in a treasure hunt, you can be sure they will remember your wedding forever. Stray clues around the venue, and hide the prize within the area. The one who finds the big prize wins it. You can make up teams so that people can work together to find the treasure as a nice ice breaker to help your guests bond.

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Teach the guests to dance

Traditional wedding music is very romantic but it can begin to pall after a while. One way to jazz up the dance time is to hire a dance instructor to teach your guests how to dance. You can go with some unusual styles such as tap or two-step. Keep the lessons short and make sure your guests are participating.

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Remember the kids

Children always rush around and get in everyone’s way during weddings. So why not have a separate space for them? Children never enjoy the same things that adults do, so give them something different to do – like games, crafts, colouring books, etc. Arrange a babysitter to take care of them. Both parents and children can have fun this way!

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Look beyond the music and dancing

While music and dancing are very important components of a wedding, you can also look beyond it. You can arrange party games in which everyone on each table gets to participate. Quick board games and other activities are pure fun and will remain memorable to everyone. Games like Codenames and Spyfall can get the guests together to play and have fun.

Go for folk music

Folk music is a great way to get the people to participate willingly. Arrange for a Cèilidh band and play Gaelic music so that people can tap their feet and enjoy themselves. You can try out folk dancing from other countries as well, provided you are able to find a band willing to perform the music.

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Play charades

Charades is a fun game to play on any occasion. Divide up into teams and start the ball rolling. You can give the game a twist by making it about the wedding. You could even personalise it by using elements that are important to you and the relationship.

Organise a show

Wedding entertainment need not always focus only on music and dancing. You can do whatever you like! Organise a magic show, a dance performance, or even a trapeze artist, who can wow the guests. If you think you would enjoy it, it is probably likely that the guests would too.

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Choose a different venue

Hiring a reception hall or a ballroom is the traditional method. But there are other ways to plan a wedding. Choose glamping in the midst of nature, organise a seaside party or a pool party, or even a cruise party. Of course, all these ideas work better with a smaller crowd. However, keep in mind that if you want your eighty-year-old granny to attend, you had better steer clear of rock climbing fests!
Your wedding does not need to be expensive or perfect to be fun. All it needs is a dash of creativity for both the couple and the guests to have the time of their lives.