Vintage lampshades to hire Cornwall

Igloo Structures alternative marquee hire

Our vintage lampshade string lights were so popular last year we decided to make more which we will be renting out either with The Igloo tent or on its own. If you’re looking for a quirky addition to your marquee or wedding venue and you like the vintage retro kinda look, then these lampshades tick the box. Using low powered LED bulbs they are ideal for solar power applications. If they are being used at home they will put  minimal extra load on a domestic ring main. Each 4.5 metre length has 20LED warm white bulbs spaced 22cm apart. The beauty of these lights are that they can be joined together making one long continuous length of mini vintage lampshades. They are also fully waterproof meaning they can be used inside or outside.

Ebay searching

Finding good quality vintage lampshades is proving pretty tricky these days. If you’re lucky, a couple of decent ones might turn up at a car boot sale. If you spend long enough trawling ebay you will pick a few bargains in between the vastly over priced ones (but you will have to put in the hours!) But, if you have the patience and love a good ebay trawl the results are definitely worth it. When combined with the string lights they look great. The photo’s below are from The Igloo tent at a festival called Rock Oyster which we attended last summer. The tent was being used as a cocktail bar for this event and the lanterns definitely added to the overall ambience.

If you are looking for a unique hand crafted lampshade that is a step on from the charity shop try lisalampshadesuk. She has some amazing examples on her ebay page. They are a bit more money to spend but they look great and she has sourced some fantastic fabrics.

If you are looking for some alternative lighting ideas for an event you are planning, head over to our Pinterest page where we have gathered some images of many unique lighting solutions as well as some unique uses of vintage lampshades. There are also many other images, from unique outdoor spaces to amazing architectural constructions to spark the creative mind.